Chimney Masonry Work

At RVA Chimney Sweeps, we can provide the expert chimney masonry work you need. Richmond, VA has many beautiful, older homes but many with masonry chimneys are in need of some extra care and attention. Are you wondering if you have given your chimney the proper maintenance it needed? There are a few signs that can easily answer this question. Take a good look at your chimney from the outside of your home. Is it beginning to tilt? If it is, this is a sign that you are in great need of professional masonry work.

Another warning sign is small cracks in the cement around the bricks on your chimney but, of course, you will need to be on your roof to inspect these closely. We recommend hiring a professional to do this inspection for you. Whether you see obvious signs of damage or not, it is a good idea to have a professional inspect your chimney. The sooner you find a problem area, the longer your masonry will last, and the lower the cost of any necessary repairs will be.

Perhaps most importantly, having your chimney inspected will ensure the safety of your home, your sense of security, and your peace of mind. In order to prevent fire hazards, it is important to have a well-structured chimney and flue to provide your home protection. Damaged masonry work can cause deterioration and create fire hazards. Cracks in masonry can cause leaks of poisonous gases into your home.

Don’t wait! Call the experts at RVA Chimney Sweeps to take care of your chimney masonry work today! Remember, the sooner we find the problem, the easier and less expensive your repairs will be.