Chimney Cleaning

Who doesn’t love the warmth and romance of a fireplace? The majority of modern homes have fireplaces today, and with the price of gas heating and electricity going up while the economy goes down, many residents are using their fireplaces more and more often to help keep the heating bill down. What we must remember is safety. It is important to have professional chimney cleaning and inspections at least once or twice each year (depending on how frequently you use your fireplace).

At RVA Chimney Sweeps, we are confident in our expert skills that provide the expert chimney cleaning and inspections that Richmond, VA residents need. Our winters have many days where the weather gets cold enough that we need warmth, and the heat of your fireplace can do the trick. There is no need to fear the hassle of cleaning your chimney at the end of the season when you know that you have experienced chimney sweeps right here in the Richmond area, ready and waiting for your call.

Our chimney cleaning and inspections include cleaning and removing soot from your chimney. We use a vacuum hose that discharges right into our truck to eliminate any mess in your home. We remove and sweep out the pipes that connect the furnace to the flue, cleaning all the soot out of the pipes, and we can replace damaged pipes as necessary. When we clean your chimney, we are careful to close the fireplace’s openings and any other outlets to ensure the soot does not get into the inside dwellings of your home.

Additionally, at the completion of the cleaning, we use the reflecting light of a mirror to double check our work. By inspecting the interior chimney, we can guarantee the completion of the chimney cleaning process and guarantee your total satisfaction with our services.

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