About Us

RVA Chimney Sweeps, located in Richmond, VA, provides chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney masonry work and more. With experts in all the different areas of chimney needs, we are sure to be the right solution for any chimney problems your home might be suffering.

We provide a variety of quality services to our valued customers throughout the Richmond, VA community! Some of the services we provide are below:

• Chimney Cleaning
• Chimney Inspections
• Chimney Masonry Work
• Chimney Flashing Replacement
• Chimney Cap Replacement
• Chimney Cracks Repair
• Leak Repairs
• Chimney Crown Replacement/Repair
• Chimney Structure Repair

When our chimney sweeps visit your home, they are very careful not to leave a mess in your home. We remove soot from your chimney using a vacuum hose so you won’t even know we were there once we’re gone. While cleaning, we also inspect all pipes and replace any damaged pipes we find. Our chimney sweeps are always courteous and respectful of you and your home!

Call us today to discuss your chimney needs or to schedule a chimney cleaning today! We look forward to serving you!